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Score stops

The score stops after a while at 17 million it doesnt increase !!! What a shame à really good game ruinned by something lame

Nice game

Thank u day 9 for the tip !!!


A fascinating combination that reminds one of Dr. Mario, Tetris, Spelltower. Great UI, gorgeous graphics, wonderful music and its cheap! Cant go wrong. Best buck of the month!


This gamecpunched my brain in the face! Thankyou day[9]s roomie!!

Great game :D

First of all: Congratulations for the college graduation and thanks for the update :D This game is a great combination of some great puzzle concepts and I can definitely recommend it ;) My wish for the next update: Please add more languages! Your game is already freaking awesome, but it is difficult to play in any language which is not your native one... I hope you could add German to the next update, this would be great :)

It really is like punching your brain in the face.

Great game, very challenging. I like how you have to split your attention between spelling words and dropping blocks in the right spot.


I love this game which is why Im annoyed that its pretty much frozen all the time. Grrr! Please fix this bug!!!

Lucky fella

As an app developer, I wish I had a roommate like yours to promote my stuff :)


Challenging. Funny comments.


day[9]s room mate you are a genious


Day[9] sent me, Puzzlejuice kept me here. Really fun mix of gameplay.

So this game is super addicting....

Sent here by Day[9], and I gotta say this game is really creative and original. Its easily worth the 99c

Spelltower or puzzle juice?

Better than spelltower?


The game freezes all the time on my iPad

Great Puzzle, Smart and Fun

You should thank Day[9] for the exposure, but I should thank you for this amazing game. Really challenges your ability to multitask. Best $2.00 Ive spent in a long time. Some memory issues, app crashes often after long games. Looking forward to updates fixing the memory issues!


Great game! Wish it didnt crash all the time though.

Newest update still freezes

I just passed the level where you have to get 3,000,000 points, among other challenges, to move on. In the following level, however, the blocks are not dropping, even though they are supposed to; I am in Core Mode, not Zen. I am left with a black screen and pictured in the bottom right corner are the blocks that are SUPPOSED to drop, but dont. Also, the game is still freezing inexplicably and unexpectedly at this level of play. This is causing me to have to start the level again, which means I am back to the original problem: the blocks dont drop. Only after several "Rage Quits" do they deem it appropriate to drop, if then.

Better than tetris!

Very fun game that is well worth the 99 cents. Similar to tetris with the added layer of spelling words to remove layers which makes it more difficult and fun. Also way cheaper than tetris! I would recommend this game to anyone.

I love crashing waves

I hate games, for sale, that crash and glitch constantly. This game is wicked fun - and completely unplayable until an update is ready. I shouldnt have to pay $2 for a beta!

New update

I am excited for the update but I think you should revert the app picture to the old one. It is much better!

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