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Puzzlejuice app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 6768 ratings )
Games Education Puzzle Word
Developer: Sirvo LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.76, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 19 Jan 2012
App size: 108.43 Mb

Puzzlejuice is a game that will punch your brain in the face.


"Puzzlejuice is the only game puzzle fans need." - App Advice

"Puzzlejuice is an enveloping world of gorgeous design, funky music, and falling blocks that you can’t help but fall in love with." - Slide to Play

"Its an inspired effort that will tickle puzzle fans, word-game addicts and aficionados of smart design. Go get it now." - Kotaku

"Loads of frantic gameplay, style and humor." - Touch Arcade

"Every once in a while an iOS game breaks new ground and delivers something ingenious." - App Safari

"Addictive combination of word and puzzle games. Slick presentation and incredible soundtrack." - Gamezebo


Puzzlejuice takes all of the elements of your favorite puzzle games and puts it into one convenient brightly colored package!

This game was designed to challenge both your spatial and verbal abilities and if you don’t feel overwhelmed then you might not be human. It’s a puzzle that will keep you hooked.




Multicolored BLOCKS constantly fall from the top of the screen and it’s up to you to arrange them. Once you complete a row with these blocks they will turn into LETTERS! The only way to clear out these blocks is to spell WORDS. Oh and also you can MATCH COLORS—that will make letters too.


Test your endurance by seeing how long you can withstand the downpour. Complete objectives to unlock POWERUPS that will make you life easier as the game gets harder!


Dont have a lot of time? Great! This mode is Zen because the blocks dont fall, so you dont have to worry about them piling to the top. This mode is EXTREME because you ONLY HAVE 90 SECONDS.


"LOCAL" MULTIPLAYER: Theres a lot to do in this game so its great to play with friends! One of you can sort the blocks while the others look for words. Divide and CONQUER.

PICTURE-IN-PICTURE: Weve packed the same experience into both the iPhone and iPad, but we know that phones are small and thumbs are big, so when you start spelling a word on the phone, a preview pops up to show the letters underneath your fingers!

GAME CENTER: Challenge your friends or try to become the worlds best Puzzlejuice Master!

DICTIONARY: Spell a word and dont know what it means? No problem, tap on a word to look it up.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Play the game in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or Dutch!

COLORBLIND SUPPORT: Weve got you covered.


It’s not your mother’s word game; it has balls. Brass balls. Puzzlejuice is for closers.

Pros and cons of Puzzlejuice app for iPhone and iPad

Puzzlejuice app good for

A fascinating combination that reminds one of Dr. Mario, Tetris, Spelltower. Great UI, gorgeous graphics, wonderful music and its cheap! Cant go wrong. Best buck of the month!
This gamecpunched my brain in the face! Thankyou day[9]s roomie!!
First of all: Congratulations for the college graduation and thanks for the update :D This game is a great combination of some great puzzle concepts and I can definitely recommend it ;) My wish for the next update: Please add more languages! Your game is already freaking awesome, but it is difficult to play in any language which is not your native one... I hope you could add German to the next update, this would be great :)
Great game, very challenging. I like how you have to split your attention between spelling words and dropping blocks in the right spot.
As an app developer, I wish I had a roommate like yours to promote my stuff :)
Day[9] sent me, Puzzlejuice kept me here. Really fun mix of gameplay.

Some bad moments

The score stops after a while at 17 million it doesnt increase !!! What a shame à really good game ruinned by something lame
It looks like fun, but every time I open it, it just closes immediately, please fix it, thanks. I have an iPad 2.
I am running the paid version of Puzzlejuice. It crashes randomly all the time during play on iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 The start up is EXTREMELY SLOW! Please make it load up faster!
Way too much going on, but not in a good way. This game makes me feel like I just popped some e and all the rave strobe lights are hurting my brain.
Runs slowly now with frequent crashes on iPad. Used to be a great fun app.
The game is genial and absolutely great. Sadly it is very very very buggy when used on iPad Air and iPhone 5 with ios7.1. Keyboard does not work and the game is completely unresponsive after level 14 (on iPhone 4 it works perfectly). I very much hope for an update (it would be a 5star game)!